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Air Conditioning Louver Pack Case Study

Pine Valley Packaging was asked to fly down to Saltillo, Mexico to develop reusable pack to ship (82) different sizes and styles of metal louvers.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to ship stamped metal louvers from the Martinrea stamping plant located 5 miles from the our client's assembly plant in Saltillo over fairly rough roads. Martinrea is required to hold a minimum of 6 days inventory.

Each air conditioner unit requires four (4) louvers;

  • Two (2) common curved louver
  • One (1) curved louver
  • One (1) straight or flat louver

Additionally, each louver comes in 5 different heights.

Lennox Air Conditioner Product Profile

The louvers are pre-painted in two (2) colours:

  1. a) Vertical
  2. b) Horizontal
Additionally, our client builds in batches of (16) so each pack must hold 16 louvers regardless of height or length or colour.

Weight of large louver = 16 lbs. x 16 pieces = 256 lbs. per pack.

Part profile at its widest point = 5/16”

Daily production volume 1,200 units = 4,800 louvers.

Key Concerns

  • Easy access to parts at line side
  • Pack needs to be a common footprint for all five heights
  • Painted surface must not be damaged in transit
  • Light gauge metal louvers must not be deformed in transit

The Solution

Pine Valley Packaging developed two (2) reusable packs - both consisting of a light gauge stackable metal rack with vacuum formed base and custom locking bars.

  • Pack “A” to hold all curved louvers.
  • Pack “B” to hold all flat louvers.

Pack A   Pack B