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Automotive Sewn Products
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Pine Valley Packing provides its customers with custom fabric pouch assemblies & tote liners for in process and returnable material handling systems.

Key Benefits:

  • No tooling required
  • Increased part nesting capability
  • Returnable system eliminates expendable packaging
  • Fabric collapses and self contains within tote or bulk bin
  • Can be developed to fit into existing metal racks
  • Protects painted surfaces
  • Will last up to 4 years or more
  • Prevents damage to sensitive parts
  • Won’t disintegrate in sunlight
  • Increased part density
Key material features consist of:

  • Class A surface protection
  • Reinforced strength and durability
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • UVA Protection
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible

Hanging Bag System

Our hanging bag designs can be designed to suit existing racks in your system resulting in huge cost savings and quick order times. Optional front vinyl curtains create an excellent dust barrier to further protect your product.

Hanging RackDesign features:

  • Ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Well suited to external or WIP shipping
  • Outside storage
  • Can be washed
  • Custom designed for each product
  • Easy replace individual damaged cells