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Corrugated & Foam


With our years of design expertise, Pine Valley Packaging ensures our packs are of the highest quality using the latest manufacturing methods and materials. With our North American automotive industry experience at both the OEM and Tier #1 and #2 levels, Pine Valley Packaging's purchasing power provides us with the ability to provide the "complete package" at very competitive prices.

Metal Rack Packaging

Strategically partnered with ISO certified rack manufacturers, we deliver the complete rack system package from design concept to finished product.

Metal Rack Packaging
Design features:

  • Maximum density using various materials
  • Ease of loading and unloading
  • Optimized for trailer density
  • Steel rack lasts for multiple programs
  • Repairable

Foam Packs

Pine Valley Packaging Limited has the capability to design and fabricate complex foam packs using a wide variety of specialized foam products. These packs are well suited to many unique industries.

Foam Pack Design features:

  • Can fit any outer container
  • Variety of foam types and densities
  • Extreme protection for high value products
  • High precision profiles using Waterjet and
    CNC cutting
  • No tooling costs on short run orders

Heavy Duty Plastic Packs

Our solid wall high density packs are the perfect solution for heavy and bulky product that requires extremely durable packaging. Built to last your entire program length and beyond so no rebuys are required.

Metal Rack Packaging
Design features:

  • Solid sheet doesn't crush and wears well
  • Full part separation for maximum protection
  • Can fit any standard outer bin or custom rack
  • No tooling costs