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Points of Difference

Pine Valley Packaging is your “one stop shop” for all your packaging requirements. Our product lines encompass all popular styles of packaging from returnable plastic and foam to expendable paper products. PVP also supplies sewn vinyl products for use in racks or bulk bins. All design work is custom to your product and performed in-house to ensure your design restrictions are addressed. From automotive to electronics, PVP can handle any pack style you require.

3D Concepts

  • Allows you to see a preview of what the design will look like before prototyping
  • Available to share design with different departments within your company and with customers
  • If supplied with the math data for the part being packaged, we can provide a digital preview of the packaging with the part in position.

CNC/Waterjet Cutting

  • With CNC and Waterjet capabilities, low run orders can be completed without tooling costs
  • Allows for cutting a wide range of materials from HDPE to low density foams

In-House Fabrication

  • By converting a wide variety of raw materials in-house, it maintains control of product schedules.