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PVP Steering Wheel Pack Challenge
Case Study

In late 2012, we decided to develop a new returnable pack for steering wheels to compete with the two established packs being used by the automotive industry.

The Objective

To maximize the number of steering wheels that can be shipped in a standard 53 foot trailer to assembly plants in Canada, USA, and Mexico at the lowest possible cost.

The Competition

a) Horizontal crosslink foam rails each having a plurality of “notches” for receiving the peripheral surface of the product (the edge of the steering wheel), patent # US 5,887,718. Note, this design allows for the “nesting” of steering wheels to maximize the number of parts in a standard 48”x45”x50” molded bin-number of parts being 63. (See chart for detail).

Competition 1   Competition 2   Competition 3

b) A two-tier hanging bag system in a 48”x45”x44” moulded bin consisting of 48 parts in separate “pouches”, 24 per layer. Note, the top layer of hanging bags slide out of the way on fixed rods to provide access to the bottom layer of steering wheels (see chart for detail).

Two Tier Hanging Bag System

Product Orientation

To maximize pack density we decided to change from a top loading pack to a side loading hanging bag pack (Figure 1). The back to back nesting feature of this design allowed us to pack 48 steering wheels in a 48”x30”x48” metal rack plus provide two (2) pick faces allowing access to parts from two sides.

Pack Comparisons

Figure 1 - PVP Bag Rack Soution
The foam log pack design provides excellent “nesting” for the steering wheels in a standard 48” x45”x50” collapsible bin, but only allows for 56 bins per truckload. The two tier hanging bag system holds 48 lbs. in a 48”x45”x44” collapsible bin which equals 56 bins per truckload.

However, the PVP low profile metal rack and bag system also holds 48 parts, but in a smaller footprint (48”x30”x48”), which results in 84 packs per truckload-a 25% increase in parts per truckload over the foam log pack (see chart for detail).

PVP Bag Rack Shipping Advantage

Product Pack Dimensions Parts Per Pack Parts Per Trailer Total Part
Per Trailer
PVP Bag Rack 48 x 30 x 48
Low profile truss base metal rack with 4-way entry
48 parts 84 racks 4032 parts
Crosslink Log Pack 48 x 45 x 50
Standard moulded
plastic bin
63 parts 56 bins 3528 parts
Standard Hanging Bag 48 x 45 x 44
Standard moulded
plastic bin
48 parts 56 bins 2688 parts