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Covid-19 PreparationsPine Valley prepares to make Emergency Shelters
Complete polypropylene  roof, floor and walls with zippered fabric ends.

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Expendable, Returnable, Sewn Items for Automotive, Industrial, Electronic, Medical and Specialty.


Case Studies, WaterJet Cutting, FlexLine Assembly, Design and Engineering For All Your Packaging Needs

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Find out all about our Award Winning WBE Canada Cerified Company and what we can offer.

3D & UNI Graphics

Pine Valley Packaging offers its customers 3D concepts prior to prototype or production.


Returnable plastic and foam to expendable paper products, sewn vinyl products for use in racks or bulk bins.


We provide Pack Leasing Arrangements and Just-In-Time storage and More

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Printable Spec Sheets For All Of Our Products


More Space, More Storage, Greater Capacity, Faster Production.

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