Just In Time

With PVP’s plastic corrugated packaging system, you can have just-in -time (J.I.T.) inventory that does not clutter up warehouse space.


  • Decrease your lead-time to 24 hours.
  • You do not have to worry about the reliability of your inventory system.

How it Works

  • First, we come up with a pull quantity on the part you want on pull – This is based on your usage, pack quantity and space in both warehouse facilities.
  • We put the 1st pull of finished goods on the floor and have 1 pull of raw material on the floor.
  • When you release your part we will take the finished goods off the floor which triggers production to replenish the finished good stock.
  • Purchasing is also triggered to re-order raw material.
  • Depending on the pull size and raw material lead time we will have a restocking timeline to replenish the pull.
  • After the first few pulls we can tweak the pull quantity to suit your supply requirements.

When should I consider putting an item on pull?

  • When you have expendable packaging products that you use regularly.
  • When you do not have a good trigger for purchasing on a product and it usually is a rush to get it in.
  • When our standard lead time is greater than 1 week.

Terms and Conditions do apply. Please see your Sales Rep for details.