Specialty Products

With so many years in the protective packaging industry we have developed many products that cater to specific industries and applications. We look forward to new challenges and hope to resolve any unique challenges you face. Some of our more unique product lines include:

Automotive Protective Masking

Safeguard your products against scratching and staining, thereby preventing costly touch-ups and inventory write-offs.

Protective MaskingDesign features:
  • Designed for plastics, metals and automotive surfaces
  • Perforated for easy application over irregular surfaces
  • Clean and residue-free removal
  • Crease-resistant, even after prolonged use or under high humidity
  • Wide selection of thickness and adhesion grades

Produce Shipping Boxes

PVP’s expendable packaging is durable and can be made to fit into any container.

Produce shipping boxesDesign features:
  • Waterproof – packed and stacked vegetables can be water sprayed without damaging boxes
  • Fully stackable
  • Environmentally friendly – manufactured from recyclable polypropylene
  • Custom imprinting and branding options
  • Locking tabs for stacking to assure stable loads

Catering Glassware Boxes

The PVP Party Box: a simple and secure solution for storing and transporting glassware for the party rental and catering industries.

Our catering boxes are made from strong, durable polypropylene plastic corrugated material and can be safely stacked on top of one another for easy storage. Ideal for the storage or transportation of glassware. Various colours and brand printing are available. They also ship and pack flat when not in use to allow for cost savings and increased storage space.

Specialty Wooden Crates/Skids

Pine Valley Packaging designs and supplies quality specialty wood crates for both domestic and export shipment.

wooden crates skidsAll of our products meet and exceed all generally accepted industry standards for workmanship quality and materials as well as all export regulations. Combine with custom foam inserts for additional product protection.

TV Carry Bags

An easy to load and unload, water resistant transportation bag that quickly adjusts to hold each size and style of television during storage and transit.

Note: minimum orders apply

Design features:
  • High quality water resistant materials
  • Cushioned foam structure
  • Zippered outside pouch for component storage
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Heavy duty carry handles
  • Tie-down loops for secure shipping
  • 2 sizes accommodate 27″- 52″ TVs
  • Optional caster base

Wardrobe Boxes

PVP’s Wardrobe Box makes it easy to have an accessible wardrobe between travel stops. It is cost-effective, versatile, moisture resistant, strong, clean, stackable, easy to use, and has colour variation options. On its own, it’s lightweight and can fold flat. It uses standard hangers and withstands more impact than corrugated.

“The new wardrobe box is a great product that lasts 3 times longer than its corrugated counterpart. Expect over 60 trips from the Pine Valley Wardrobe Box – that’s what we’ve been getting.” – Mackie Moving Systems, Agency for North American Van Lines