Personal Protection Equipment – Soft Lightweight Foam Headband & Vinyl Shield

PVP RigiShield For Business Or Personal Protection

• Soft Lightweight Foam Headband!

• Vinyl Shield Provides 
All Day Comfort. 

• Adjustable fit for 
large or small heads, male or female.

• Notched design provides 
a perfect individual fit.

• Flexs away from hard 
impacts when in use.

• Extended side wraps 
for increased coverage.

• Can be sanitized for repeated use.

Ships Pre-assembled.
Pricing in Canadian Funds

$4.00 per unit, min order 1,000.
Additional quantities can be quoted.
Options include Pre-printed plastic name plate that can be affixed to front of shield headband.

Call For Details

1-866-922-5122 (toll-free)

Class 1 Medical Device licensed by Health Canada, designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada

Shield: APET  ( Non-toxic, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
Strap: 1″ Black knit elastic
Staple: Plated Steel
Support: Cross-linked Polyethylene foam

Commercial, Business and Personal Applications

When social distancing measures may be comprimized.
Our PVP RigiShield  provides an additional layer of protection for all employees with or without a face mask. Flex Shield provides superior protection from  airborne droplets, ensuring both employees and customers are adequately protected by your business. Our shields can be reused and sanitized multiple times.

Clear face shields provide much needed social interaction.
By allowing the wearers face to be visible a clear face shield can be a big plus when dealing with the public, especially in the hospitality industry. The comfortable face shield provides effective coverage  from the forehead to neck, insuring the  eyes, nose and mouth are protected from potential virus spreading airborne droplets, that can be created during normal conversations.

Personal Protection you can wear all day.
Our RigiShield contains a flexible headband the can be adjusted to fit all sizes. The RigiShield can be worn with other PPE equipment as well as glasses and the closed cell foam headband is durable and waterproof, so the unit can be completely immersed in sanitizing liquids and wiped clean, ready for immediate use.

Reusable Multiple Use
Our RigiShields are built to be durable and washable. They are not one shot disposable items. They will provide days or weeks of average use, depending on the stress you put them through. Careful cleaning will allow them to be safely used multiple times.

Ships Preassembled
A simple head band adjustment and you are ready to wear. Ships flat with protective visor film and instruction page.

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