Portable Shelter Uses

• Weatherproof Storage

• Personal Isolation

• Front of Building Entrance

• Interior Space Control

• Isolation Rooms

• Multiple Privacy Units

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Watch our video to see how easily these shelters can be erected.
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A Roof Over Your Head And A Floor Under Your Feet In Only Minutes! Two Sizes – 18 ft. or 10ft.

PVP Uniflex Concertina Folded Plastic Panel Structures are self supporting and an ideal solution to the universal need for fast, fully enclosed and affordable structures.

The collapsible Fabric End Wall Quick Shelter is constructed from high density polypropylene with integral fabric end walls including built  in zippered openings and doors. An included telescoping pole supports the front opening.

Key Features of the PVP Uniflex Quick Shelter

  • Can be erected in less than 1 minute
  • Integrated Dry floor system
  • Capable of withstanding wind gusts up to 80 mph
  • Snow load rating of 10 lb. per sq. foot
  • Available with additional insulation up to R12
  • Insulated with an R 1.4 factor
  • Can be supplied with heating
  • Can be supplied with air conditioning

Emergency Space Allocation

Performance Specifications of Uniflex Quick Shelters

Constructed from polypropylene plastic materials, our Quick Emergency Shelters can take winds up to 70 mph and are capable of bouncing back from extreme punishment such as crushing severe impacts and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

No on-site assembly is required. In seconds the PVP Uniflex shelter forms into a ready to use structural building complete with roof, sidewalls, endwalls and integral floor.

The polypropylene plastic performs in temperatures up to -40 C . If the shelter receives a severe impact from a blunt object at this temperature the plastic may fracture. Repairs can be made by using standard duct tape.

The PVP Uniflex Shelter has been designed to withstand up to 5 lb per Sq.Ft. snow load before the roof section will start to deform, If the roof were to collapse it can be easily pushed back up to it’s original shape.

Heating of the PVP Uniflex shelter is safe, as polypropylene plastic is approved for interior use in United States and Canada for commercial screen dividers and displays*.

*It requires a direct continuous flame to raise the temperature to ignition point in order for the plastic to achieve a sustained burn rate.The material is not fireproof but it does require a long continuous ignition source to make it burn.