Multi Angle Waterjet Cutting

Pine Valley has installed a  Dual Arm, 6 axis  Robot Waterjet Cutter that will augment our  2D MultiCam CNC Waterjet Cutter. The new Robot Waterjet will  allow 3D compound cutting of foam and plastic materials. Additional options include: 2D cutting, cleaning and slitting. Angled cutting allows PVP to design package configurations that have higher parts density and tighter parts fitting.  This new piece of automated equipment will allow us to mass produce customized packaging solutions in greater volumes for our customers at cost effective pricing.

The robot waterjet cutting systems, will provide the ideal solution to producing high volume automotive foam components, working with greater efficiency and producing cleaner cut edges that do not require additional attention.

Bringing automation to this process provides significant increases in throughput and produces more consistent test samples, while reducing the design revision process. Final designs will reach the OEM or Tier 1 much faster.